We have cars with loading capacity up to 1,500 kg and cubic volume – up to 24m3. Types of bodies and cubic volumes:

- Light commercial vehicle (solid top)
Cargo space: 1-5 euro pallets (120cmx80cmx190cm height) / up to 15m3 / weight up to 1500kg

- Light commercial vehicle (curtain tarpaulin)
Cargo space: 8,9 or 10 euro pallets with possibility of side-loading of up to 480 cm long elements.

Exact dimensions of cars with tarpaulin:

1EP Dimensions: 140 x 122 x 110cm

1-4EP Dimensions: 370 x 187 x 190cm

1-5EP Dimensions: 407 x 187 x 190cm

8EP lub 6x (120 x 100)
Dimensions: 420 x 210 x 220cm

9EP lub 8x (120 x 110)
Dimensions: 445 x 225 x 235cm

10EP lub 8x (120 x 100)
Dimensions: 480 x 210 x 220cm

we have also cars of tarpaulin type with own loading platform (lift) Cargo space up to 8 euro pallets and loading capacity of 1200kg, load capacity of the lift up to 600kg.