Customer’s interest we value most and subsequently we ensure punctuality and security of the goods being forwarded or ordered. Our service means delivering goods from point A to point B without any excessive work e.g. reloading of goods for logistic reasons, what allows us to achieve the above priorities.

For your convenience we can handle shuttle warehouse transfers between your nationwide branches, as well as deliveries made directly to the customer. Exportation and importation within EU countries.


  • express road transport by cars with load capacity up to 1.5 t and volume up to 24m3,
  • transport of resettlement real property /international moving/,
  • express delivery dedicated in „door to door” system – without reloading and additional loading,
  • „just in time" delivery – available 24/7,
  • we may provide double number of drivers in express transport,
  • delivery on time with one hour accuracy.

We do not apply fixed transport fee rates. The cost of freight is each time negotiated with the customer in order to ensure the cheapest and the most effective type of transport. Our customers’ requirements determine the quality of services rendered by us.